Week with the most expensive iPhone phone discoveries and frustrations

By | March 18, 2019

Week with the most expensive iPhone phone discoveries and frustrations



The Wood We team is slowly sweeping the young people who are infected with the experiment, and the original could still be made of wood or package eco-materials. According to Matthew, the idea of ​​making bags for phones and computers is not only made of wood, but also of stone, to try to use them to produce rust. ”

It’s very interesting to experiment, so we are always looking for new materials and opportunities, ”said the young businessman. So far they have been working with their friend Karolina and their teammate, Karolina, to make bags exclusively for Apple products – phones and computers. This decision is not by chance. According to Mr Pajarsky, Apple’s products have a large number of people, and their design patterns are limited, making it the most logical choice for small business start-ups, as it was enough to create several variations of cases. ”

In addition, Apple is a top class brand and people who love it are uniqueness, self-evident, and actively exploring products like ours, ”the interlocutor explained. However, when the feet are warmed up, businessmen are already planning to expand their range of products and will soon offer original cases for Samsung and other manufacturers. So far, the business is in the hands of the Troika – Matthew, Charles, and Caroline – and in the future they will definitely expand and take on new members.

For their products, young people in Vilnius rent laser cutting and engraving equipment, and here they send out the reinforced veneer materials from the warehouse in Belgium, and the glue comes from Germany. “We are actually testing everything and are constantly looking for the best versions. It’s a fun and challenging process, but we like to overcome the challenges and feel the satisfaction of creating a unique and beautiful product, ”Matas said. According to him, ninety and a few percent of their products are bought by foreigners, and they were rated by Germans, English.

Usually wooden phone and computer cases are purchased for the birthday or other holidays. “I think that everything is driven by the market and purchasing power, and in Western Europe, people are more accustomed to online trading. Lithuanians are hyperlinked to call, question, and come to see the item. We noticed that we spend a lot of time communicating with Lithuanians by e-mail, talking on the phone before they decide to buy the tray they like. And foreigners have mastered the online purchase very well, they are well aware that if the item does not suit or be poor, it can simply return it and get the money back, ”said the interviewer.

Since Matt himself has graduated from economics, he is convinced that the market today is the whole world, and such a small country as Lithuania can make great use of the opportunities offered by exports, and they are doing well. Kings, Princesses, Parliament On their website, business partners present themselves to their customers as originally: 21-year-old Carol is the king of the country of sale, and his heart friend, Carolina, is a princess of graphic design.You can get this here for free telefonu deklai.

The girl joined the team a month after she took up the activity, created the logo, helped with the graphic solutions, because it was directly related to Karolina’s specialty – studying graphic design. “Karolis is still studying modern technology physics and management at Vilnius University. He is responsible for production in our business, for sales, although we are all doing everything, ”Pajarsk smiled.

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