Proper wood deck maintenance is key

Or then again, you can jump appropriate to the serious canons and utilize a power washer.

This is likely the snappiest and most Patios Perth approach to clean an open air structure. Watch the weight setting! Excessively high and the wood can be harmed. Check with a contractual worker or other master before washing.


On the off chance that the redwood was recently painted or recolored, you will need to apply a paint or varnish remover. This is a concoction that will physically lift the paint/varnish from the wood.

These are commonly very solid synthetic concoctions, so wear defensive dress and make a point to do it in a territory that is all around ventilated to anticipate over-presentation.

Test a little territory of the structure with the remover to ensure that it works and won’t stain the wood. In the event that it doesn’t change the presence of the wood under the stain or paint, at that point it is protected to use on the remainder of the structure.


It is prescribed that you utilize an item that contains both a mildewcide and a water-repellent. Items with these fixings will help reinforce the regular properties of the redwood, improving its characteristic opposition. Tinted stains or paints are extraordinary on redwood and can be utilized as wanted.

Here are some extra completing tips, charitably given by Humboldt Redwood:

When choosing redwood, pick evaluations stamped Certified Kiln Dried where conceivable. Redwood bearing this accreditation all the more promptly acknowledges wraps up.

In the event that the wood is unseasoned, ensure it stands presented to the encompassing air for in any event a month prior applying any completion.

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