Ladies Special Will Meghna Change Her Mind

Ladies Special Will Meghna Change Her Mind

Prathana and Viraj: Prathana present watch to viraj, and both recollect how Viraj lied about his unique 5 lac watch as phony of worth rs. 1000.. What’s more, prathana that was tell yet its 100% phony, later viraj state he will keep this blessing dependably.. Than viraj blessing her watch as well and state he purchased at rs. 300 cost, prathana advise to do bargin in future.. They get sentimental, and snicker when their bed doesn’t break…

Bindu, Mota father, Mota mummy, kangana and Amar: Bindu inquire as to why they doesn’t care for kangana?? Mota mummy reveal to her how she acted awful with her staff before amar acquainted kangana with them!! Later Bindu and Kangana talk how to make impact on Mota dad and mota mummy by indicating genuine kangana, which make kangana tense.. Bindu says about her great conduct, her work and so on.. Around evening time Amar pratice by stiching, with the goal that his hand work appropriately..

Bindu applauds him.. Amar state he can before long do activities.. Bindu state due to kangana and medicinal science his hand got fine, however amar says this is on the grounds that she had conviction that his hand can get fine, else he wasn’t prepared for task even.. Bindu endeavor to offer credit to kangana, however amar offers credit to him..

Mandar and Meghna: Mandar attempt to get inside house when meghna stop him saying he won’t come, as he left them by decision however Mandar state he will remain out, as he is additionally difficult… Later mandar is appeared on bag, when meghna insult quit being gatekeeper, and don’t give be pressure generally..

Mandar state you may have confusions as she had amid sachin conveyance, and meghna cries… Both come inside and recall with adorable battle how they took care of swapna togather.. Mandar state youngsters need the two guardians, meghana cry and state I will buckle down alone.. Mandar state you women begin to sob for wining and goes with his packs… Meghna wipe her tear and state you left by your decision however will dropped by my decision as it were…

Around evening time baba and meghna talk, when baba clarify her that don’t let Mandar go that much far that he can’t listen her yell or voice.. Meghna considers..for more info you can check that Ladies Special.

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